…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Basically, my life is now like a desert, that is, dry and arid, or maybe mysterious, exciting and deadly, depending on the way you view things.

This may be one reason why I jumped onto the bandwagon and joined Livejournal. Maybe I’m trying to convince myself that I am living such an exciting life that needs to be chronicled and publicly displayed. Fat chance of that. Like my Vietnamese flatmate and I usually say, “Dream on, Dream on…”

Well, today’s Boxing Day and I hadn’t really planned anything to do. I have got two assignments to complete for the 12th of January for my MA course.
And of course, laziness has been attacking me with the violence of a squishy, overripe banana.
I’ve literally been wallowing in indolence. “Ode to Indolence”: now, THAT’s an evocative title! But I mean to do well. I know I can do my work conscientiously.

I have watched “Finding Nemo” during the day. Quite good actually. Some obvious touch of the bildungsroman (or the literature of development) in it where you find the young protagonist facing many dangers, going on a physical as well as psychological journey of Becoming, discovering his own hidden resources. Of course, the bildungsroman is made less obvious (or it would have looked like “Lion King” again) with the treatment of the father (the film is about Finding Nemo, after all!).

I quite like the movie though. I don’t mind if it’s in animated form or whatever. This reminds me that I’ve recently downloaded some episodes from the Animatrix and need to watch them. Speaking of which, reminds me of “Ghost in the Shell”, an absolute must-see for those who are fans of manga, animated films, SF and Cyberpunk.

Am going to watch “Gladiator” later tonight. I haven’t had time enough to devote to films and so on, and there are so many movies that I’ve missed. I am trying to catch up with that.

Well, more later.


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