…The Musings of a Strange Guy


I don’t really know what I’m going to do about this. I really thought I’d have determination enough to embark upon this noble mission: learning sanskrit. Oh, of course, I know a lot of sanskrit words; I even know a few sentences and can understand a lot more that I can’t get to pronounce (yet). Am I that lazy? Let’s hope my constant exposure (coming to that now) will help a bit.

I’ve been looking for sanskrit mp3s on the net, and frankly, it’s not been a very fruitful search so far. There are a lot of mystical chants around the net, you know, the Buy-My-Next-Ultimate-Transcendental-CD ones. Some of the new-age influence is quite nice actually: that’s my fascination with Enya’s music coming out, I guess.

But they CANNOT pronounce the words properly! God knows I’m not biased; but Sanskrit is such a beautifully clear and crystalline language: I can’t bear hearing people mangling or swallowing half of the syllables! The worst I’ve heard so far was a rendering of the Gayatri Mantra by a French guy. He nearly had me in tears. Oh well…I actually got one very nice site that has some Sanskrit chants as well as Tamil/Telugu chants. Its at http://www.shivarajan.com/downloads/

It’s quite nice. My download manager is still at it as I type. I prefer to listen to the South Indian way of reciting mantras; that’s my background coming out now, hehe.

Just joined the Sanatana-Dharma Community on LiveJournal. They seem to be a very interesting, albeit eclectic bunch of people. I have not yet fully got used to this journal ‘thing’ and hope to be excused (do I?) if this seems chaotic. I hope I will soon get to know other people with more or less the same interests, and why not, get to know people with new interests.

 Have to log off now. Already boiled some rice during early afternoon. This rice is horrible: it takes ages to boil and even then, it’s not good. I fear that I’ve developing too fine a palate and too refined an appetite to survive as a student here. I guess I’ll have to revert to good old Basmati Rice, unless something better comes along.

Ok, then, time to hop to the kitchen and conjure some curry. My chinese flatmate will again go ecstatic with the smell. Dream on, my friend, dream on…


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