…The Musings of a Strange Guy


Came back a couple of hours ago and am dead tired. A lot have happened to me in these last 7 days.
I am well and content.
Will give a brief account of what I did since Monday last. If I can remember…My memory hasn’t changed at all.

Note to myself: I think I should restrict this journal only to friends now. Not that many are aware of this (or should be, hehe)…
Just a thought.

Home, Sweet Home!
I’m well chuffed, actually. Everywhere is clean and tidy in the room, just as I left it a week ago. The smuggled TV is still there and the clothes I left to dry on the heater look all nice and dry. That was a good move to clean up everything before I go. I’m actually surprised by my own pleasure on seeing the room so clean.

Ok. Will log on later for more.


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