…The Musings of a Strange Guy


I had planned today to just add the finishing touches to my assignment; instead, I found myself waking up very late in the day. I have been feeling very weak and miserable because of that flu. Just had an orange now. Before that, I had a mixture of honey and lemon juice to ease the itching in my throat. If it gets worse, I’ll have to resort to that Lemsip again.

I had planned to just prepare some instant noodles and some soup for dinner because I was not really in the mood to prepare an eloborate dinner. However, when I went in the kitchen and took a look at the veggies I’d bought, I decided to cook some biryani. I tried a new way of doing it tonight, which took rather less time than the last time I did it. I absolutely adore biryani because it contains so many good things, be it the various spices, or the vegetables or simply the feeling of having had a complete meal. I prepared a chicken biryani: beans, carrots, potatoes and mushrooms went into it. I always overwhelm my non-veg dishes with lots of vegetables. I always feel that I’m not eating enough veggies. The meal did not take that long to prepare; anyway, that kitchen now is so repulsive that I don’t want to stay in there longer than is absolutely necessary. To my surprise, I see that my Vietnamese flatmate has packed away his plastic bags and removed some of his pans that cluttered the kitchen table.

Anyway, had a very nice meal along with some chilli paste and a mixed lime and mango pickle. Afterwards had some yoghurt with some honey.

I really pamper myself when I feel down.

Stored the rest of the Biryani in the fridge. Will microwave it tomorrow for lunch.

I’m actually glad I cooked this. I do not usually cook rice dishes here. I usually eat everything with bread these days. But with this itching throat, I felt I had to eat something piping hot and very spicy. That’s my South Indian roots again revealing themselves; I absolutely love spicy and hot food.

Ok. I have now nearly finished with one assignment. Will move on to the next, which I will probably complete on Saturday.

Tomorrow, I need to return a book which I borrowed from the High Demand Collection. That’s actually the only reason why I’m going to be out tomorrow.

Well, more later.


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