…The Musings of a Strange Guy


I realise that I have wasted much of my life. Always doing what is right opposed to doing what I really want. Strange compulsion, but true. This is what happens when you try to educate yourself impartially…

I have little space both in my life and in my heart for regrets. Regrets cannot bring back what is lost from the realm of oblivion. I never look back. I remember Orpheus, who looked back and lost everything. 

I remember but do not regret.

I need to vacuum the room before I go out. I can’t stay inside for long now, even if I have long built-in resistance. The walls start looking back at you after a while. Creepy…it reminds me of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper.

I need people, real people walking next to me, talking to me. My flatmates are like vegetables: I do not know how they cope without talking to anyone. I couldn’t possibly do that. I’m a bit shy, true, but I’m also a people-person. And I refuse to be down with depression or blues or whatever. This will be a test for my will. It is quite a strong and obstinate a will that I have, hehe. This cold is still persisting. Oh well…more lemsip, oranges and honey, I guess…

Have ordered a digital camera from Amazon this morning. Hope it is a worthwhile investment. England is eating me money like crazy…

Books, food, books, food, books… there go the inhabitants of my impoverished wallet…


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