…The Musings of a Strange Guy


Ah yes. LJ-cut, ain’t it? I’ll try to remember using that the next time.

Pumpkin in the fridge – that’s for tomorrow’s dinner…

Just couldn’t help laughing at my Viet flatmate’s look when he saw me.

“You didn’t sleep”, he says.

“Yep”, I reply.

“You look awful”

That cheers me up: “Yes, I do, hehe!”

Am I frightening him? Possibly.

Just had some coffee and could actually not stand still for quite some time. Outside is so cold but inside the automatic central heating is reminding me of normal temperatures we have back home in summer, which is now. My sister sent me a message this morning to say that she and my mom were going to visit my aunt; then they would all be going to the beach.

Ah… the beach… click below to see…


Sun, sand, sea…


I’m missing that blue sometimes…


Not really homesick…but refreshing my memory…


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