…The Musings of a Strange Guy

That post…

…in about indian people’s perceptions of other non-desis who adopt or are interested int the Indian culture made me think about this ashram I used to attend.

Very long time now since I last went there, though the head of the ashram often came to my town for lectures. What is Swami Gunatita doing nowadays? He made a very strong impression on all of us, that I still remember…And his sanskrt was flawless. We called him the blue-eyed Swami, as opposed to the green-eyed one, Swami Akhilesh, who was from Reunion island. Ah…those were the times… I wonder what happened to the rest of the group who used to attend the same classes as I did.

Of course, I agree that hinduism (or any other term one might use) is not limited to indians only. It is not called Sanatana Dharma for nothing! I agree with ‘s statement in that thread. I do not worship any Indian God or Goddess. Nations were built after Him, says one of the Upanishads…So, how can a God have a nationality? How can God have a chosen people and neglect the others? No…not possible. We all all children of God.

I believe strongly in God. It so happens that I pray to Him/Her in the traditional forms I grew up with and knew Him by…

I call upon Him with myriad names with the certainty that He will respond to all of them.


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