…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Une explication assez simple.

It might seem strange to find so many posts in one day or even the unearthly hours at which these posts are made… The fact is that my computer is on much of the time, whether I am working on it or not. And I have broadband access via the university network, which, frankly speaking, is a dream come true…

All these years of having to endure 49 to 56K connections!!! What will I do when I return back home? I use the net a lot.

Anyway, I am working on one of my assignments. I will probably not sleep today. Possibly later on, when I come back from uni.

Funny thing…while I was at my aunt’s place, I watched this strange TV programme called ‘Shattered’, which is a RTV show about sleep (or rather…the lack of it, hehe) Whoever lasts longer without sleep (obviously) wins. What folly! Maybe, like my Vietnamese friend, they should take a look at my sleepless face and then consider what they have been doing!

Cower, brief mortals!!!

Had a bar of chocolate just now. No longer question whether I have a chocky addiction or not. Will have an orange later on. It will be my fourth in one day, hehe. I have to fight this flu. I will have the upper hand.

And so the weak urge themselves forward…

Ok. Back to work.


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