…The Musings of a Strange Guy


Just returned from uni. It’s starting to look busy and crowded again now. For many, it’s exams time. Fortunately I do not have to endure that.

Went to deposit my assignments.

When I came back, I cooked the pumpkin, some rice and some canned salmon. Hadn’t eaten a proper meal for 2 days. Now feeling sleepy but have to go out in 1hr to fetch some photos I’d left to be developed.

Will go to sleep early tonight…perhaps, hehe.

Am still waiting for my digital camera to arrive. I think it will be here by the end of the week. Funny enough, its memory is going to come before it. I got an email from the sender telling me he’d just posted it and that I would probably receive it tomorrow.

Chatted with a few friends from back home yesterday night. That cheered me up a bit. Not that I needed cheering up, but I have been pretty worn down all week what with the flu, the runny nose, the headaches, and the insomnia. Oh well. Now am feeling slightly better though I’m standing up mostly through willpower.

Am still debating whether I should go elsewhere later tonight. Will see later. Perhaps will indeed have an early night in.

Met a few friends today from last semester’s class. Talked to them. Will see them anyway very soon…

ok. Enough for now.



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