…The Musings of a Strange Guy


Came back from outside: been for a long walk in town. I possibly could have stayed longer; when I came back, I wanted to go out again, but I don’t want to die with this cold. My skin’s gone all dry and cold. Now they are tingling and smarting with the warm temperature inside my room.

Feeling hungry now. Don’t even know what I will cook. My life is so pathetic. Just got online to check my mail. I’ve been hoping to get my second reading list but so far, the lecturer hasn’t shown any visible sign that he is even alive. Well, whatever. I’ll see him soon enough and more often than I’d like…

Got my digital camera finally. Now have to muster my courage in order to take it out. At least I can send some pics about Leeds back home…
First things first, hehehe. I’m going to take some pictures of the kitchen to show them at home in what pigs’ paradise I live. A picture is worth how many words, again?

That’s all for now. The lengthy walk has got me quite tired now.



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