…The Musings of a Strange Guy


…reading The Bridge. Been doing lots of underlying and adding stickynotes all over the place…

Ah, my lemons are starting to mould, but at the same time, my cold seems to be receding into the nether regions: pataal loka, hehe.

Begone, Foul Flu: Vade Retro!!

Had some toast in the morning and coffee, but serious grumbling noises are making me think that some lunch would be a good move.

Have been listening to my sanskrt mp3s all morning, especially the ones related to Durga under all her forms. I have a strange affection for her, perhaps as a substitute Mother in this strange land where I find myself…I need to rearrange all these mp3s. Most of them are carnatic, of course: my favourites!

Birds are singing outside my window now: they remind me of home and the way birds used to gather on and beneath the trees in my yard. That would be just before I came upon them like an avenging archangel with my broom, hehe – not to hit them – but to sweep the whole yard clean of all leaves.


“Why do I have to sweep this yard every day?”

“Why do you eat everyday?”

“‘s’not the same thing!”

“Oh yes it is!”

“Why did you have to plant so many trees, then, if you want me to pick up every single leaf?”

“Oh, just do it, will you!”

and on it goes…

I actually quite like doing this chore, and I do it well. When I finish, you won’t find a leaf in sight; that is, till the breeze blows over in the next five minutes… But it is a very relaxing activity as well as being some form of exercise! This is a secret though: I won’t let them know how enjoyable I find it, they might stop me from doing it and get me to do some other more unpleasant task!

My mom called yesterday: well…not exactly called…she said she accidentally pressed the ‘call’ function on her mobile. Yeah, right

Anyway, it was nice to hear from her. She did not talk for long; just to ask how I was; after she hung up, she sent me a text msg.

Oh well, back to work…

The sky is still grey.
I should be happy.

What’s the use of being named after a rain-god, anyway?



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