…The Musings of a Strange Guy


I have discovered yet another new singer everyone except me knew about: Susheela Raman.

She’s become rather an item these days with the success of her albums, especially her debut album, Salt Rain, which I totally adore.

Where was I all that time?

Along with her, I’ve also uncovered a lot more artists who deal with the ethnic/fusion music scene, the Asian Underground and the Asian Massive…

All this bodes good for my ears, which very much appreciate this sort of music.

Back to Susheela…South Indian origins…cosmopolitan background, lots of influence on her music/singing from various sources. She sings in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. I am pleased to hear that someone as popular and trendy as her is singing in my ancestral Telugu language (albeit sometimes, imperfectly, I must admit).

 I can recognise some of her songs as being adapted from some ancient Hindu hymns in Sanskrit and devotional songs in Hindi/Sanskrit/Tamil/Telugu. Though I prefer the original Carnatic versions, I must admit that Susheela’s unique voice makes them something worth listening to…

The prices of music albums here is criminal!


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