…The Musings of a Strange Guy

A quick update

Since I was on LJ anyway (to reply to someone’s comment on a post I made), just wanted to add that I’ve been reading John Carey’s The Intellectuals and the Masses. This is going to be one of our key texts in the course of the new module I will be taking this semester.

Having finished The Bridge (triumphantly, at last!) yesterday, I had decided to devote today to Joyce’s Ulysses, but then I thought that I’d better start with the key text first (at least the first two chapters, to get the gist of what the module is supposed to be about) and then proceed with Joyce a bit later. A very easy read, I’m still on the first chapter (having started with it a bit later in the afternoon), but it is not difficult to understand what the author is trying to convey.

Though I was dimly aware of the fact, I did not know that so many of the intellectuals of the late 19th C and early 20 C were so anti-plebeian…They positively despised the masses and scorned the attenpts to create a more literate and egalitarian society. The intelligentsia felt threatened at the crumbling of the barriers between the intellectual elite and the ‘mob’, if such a thing exists. An interesting read, and my lecturer has mentioned that this text has its failings, which I intend to uncover and discuss later on in our seminars…

Anyway, just had something to eat. I need to lower the heating: it’s scorching hot in my room right now. One of my flatmates must have increased the heat of the central heating system, without asking the others! Or maybe it’s a collaborative move; something which I have been noticing these last few days in the flat…

Self against Other; Us versus Them…when will this dichotomy end?

I refuse to be the One against the United Three. They might be antisocial, but I’m not. I will continue to speak to them as always, maintain the same good entente that I’ve established so far. But if they persist in sticking together for everything and seeing the other two of us as intruders, then, I wash my hands and leave them to their fate.

It is a good thing to try; it is stupidity to try to bang one’s head against a closed door in the hope it will open one day.

I never thought that, as minorities themselves here, they would be playing the same attitude game with those from an even lesser minority…

Am now going to play with photoshop. There’s a pic of mine that I’m playing with. A beard would be nice, now, wouldn’t it? Or maybe I should merge it with that of a Jedi Knight or (why not) Princess Amidala herself, hehe. I am no artist, but playing around with photoshop is a very relaxing activity for me.

ok…back to real life.



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