…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Just to remember…

While I was walking in the city centre yesterday (sore feet!!!), I wandered next to a beautiful church and just opposite to it was a sort of shop that sells – how to say – christian miscellania.

As I was walking in front of the shop window, I glanced at the open Bible on display and my eyes fell upon this for perhaps less than a one second or so:

“Do not fear…”, the random line my eyes were looking at stated.

Strangely, that random incident left me in a good mood all day.

And I went much further in my walks around the city. Will try taking a map, though, next time, so that I know what the wonderful buildings I keep seeing are called.

I love the churches. Will be taking photographs of them.

My parents are complaining that I keep sending them pics of places and objects rather than pics of myself.

They have not realised that the pics themselves are windows to the way I perceive things. I see things in my own perspective and try to take pictures sometimes that reflect this perspective.

Well, enough about that…



  This one is just next to the University and it’s in restoration, I think. It looks old but I like it very much. I walk by it nearly everytime I go down to the city centre.

The same building…





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