…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Today's class…

…was very welcoming and fun…I was put at ease almost immediately and forgot my natural shyness as I got involved in the mad conversations that were taking place in this informal atmosphere.

The lecturer seems a very nice and funny guy, who pretends to lose himself in digressions and circumlocutions but never fails to seize someone’s point or lose his own train of thought. Very shrewd, in my opinion.

We got a small introductory talk on the general nature of the module and received a timetable which we rearranged in the second part of the seminar; I get to do 2 presentations; one next week, and another on Week 5. That’s not counting the two assessed essays we have to submit later on during the semester.

We were then asked to introduce ourselves to the class; we were specifically required to
1) State our name and course title;
2) Talk briefly about our impending doom…er…dissertation;
3) Define our favourite ice-cream flavour;
4) Describe our favourite sexual position.

This reveals the state of mind of the lecturer in front of us; he’s quite open and friendly and has even suggested that we meet sometimes for a drink in one of the numerous nighclubs, bars, or pubs in the city; it turns out that he’s quite involved in certain student associations and clubs and likes participating in their activities.

Anyway, after today’s seminar, some of us really got to break the ice by going for a drink at the uni pub. As usual, it was overcrowded and we really had to wait for some time before we could get a decent place to sit, sip our drinks and chat.

A nice group; most of us, to my shame, were in my own class but I couldn’t recognise them since we all do so many different modules we rarely meet. We had a nice chat during which I discovered that one of them was sharing the other module as well, which is something very nice, in my opinion.

Now I’m back, the beers I have gulped down already forgotten…I still do not like beer. I will pass next time…Give me something stronger or nothing at all…
Beer does nothing for me, I’m afraid…

Anyway, back to work…Tomorrow’s another class…New faces yet to discover…

Very Good.



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