…The Musings of a Strange Guy

To someone who occasionally reads this…

Edit: as a reply to your own post…I’m posting it here because you have not allowed comments for this particular post:

You do not deserve the life you got; you just have one life to live through and it’s yours to make or unmake! How can you say that your life is meaningless and unimportant? Who are we to say that we have succeeded and that you have failed?

Your life is unique, just as each star in the sky is unique. Just because we can’t perceive each individual star with the naked eye doesn’t mean that the star is not shining somewhere in space..

I will not advise you; I do not have that right: but I will simply tell you again that your life is yours! Perhaps you have been brought up not to realise this truth. Run as far away as you like; your shadow will be right behind you: you cannot escape from yourself! So, please do take into account the ramblings of this madman who wants to tell you how beautiful and meaningful (but not perfect, nor devoid of sorrow) life can be, if only one set about to make it so..


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