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…what a perfect day to update my journal. V-day, indeed! Well, a joyous V-day to all!
First of all, I must say that I have been very busy all week, not going out, but its reverse: going in! Indeed, I have been keeping myself in proximity to books in the hope that their contents would somehow be transfered into my brain by some sort of highly unlikely osmosis.
What I want to say is that I’ve got lots to read and too little time to actually do the reading.
Moreover, by a sadomasochistic sleight of hand, I’m now beset with two important presentations next week, one day after the other. We’ll see how I manage all this.
Besides this, I have not had much occasion to go out this week. Books are my one and only Valentine this weekend, which I suppose, is a good thing, in a way. I think..
Thursday night saw me at the International Student Centre breaking the ice with many people. It’s amazing how I get to meet new people each time I go there! Where do the others go? Oh, I do see many of them at the centre, but many actually come once or twice and then give up, out of shyness or because of their busy schedule (yeah, right!).
Anyway, got to meet new people, many of whom were French. One of them actually tried to make me talk to him in my native language; something that I detest to do if it’s with a non-speaker. I just can’t. If I speak my native lingo, it will be to someone who understands, not to someone who’ll be listening at someone (me!) who speaks such exotic (but incomprehensible) babble. Anyway, this meeting allowed me to speak a bit en Francais, which frankly speaking, as I’ve noted before in this journal, is getting more than rusty. I do need to practice my French. It is, after my native Creole, the most spoken language back home, besides Hindi and Bhojpuri. English is mostly academic and socially decorative. French is used extensively in all forms of media and is the accepted medium of social intercourse (besides the even more commonly used Creole), especially in formal situations. So, I’d better get back in (linguistic) shape. It’s actually ironic that I am coming to realise the importance of preserving my French from corruption and oblivion in UK. Oh well..
Yesterday, I took out my dusty telly from underneath my desk and tried to see if it still worked. My aunt occasionally asks if I use it. She feels it was a waste to give it to me in the first place since I don’t watch it at all. But good news, aunty!!! I watched it yesterday night! Admittedly, it was only for an hour, but that was enough.
Am a bit bored, I guess, with life at the moment, which is quite a feat given I usually find at least one thing of interest to me to do or think about all the time. This is perhaps because I haven’t dloaded any new films or songs recently. i tend to get restless when I am not listening to something or the other. Recently, I’ve been listening to most of my old tracks and while they are still nice to listen to, I am perhaps in search for something new as well. Which is good.
Ah! Just had some coffee, which is livening things up (or it might be simply psychosomatic). Did some shopping for groceries and stuff yesterday. Bought a chocolate cake, most of which lies dormant in the fridge until my palate wishes to make an encounter of the third type. I was discussing chocolate addiction at the international centre the other day. It is a pretty serious addiction. i’m not sure if I have it. Not that it matters much.

Although I have been online quite often this week, I haven’t posted much anywhere. I have mostly browsed here and there, my time being constrained by the mass of reading that awaits me. An enjoyable prospect, by all means, but it involves me wholly in the task so that it gives the impression that I have actually left this world..

Speaking of which, I accidentally discovered a site that seems to take itself very seriously. It’s called Orion’s Arm and it seems to deal with a lot of issues about potential world-building. I have yet to decide if it is escapism or speculation (maybe both). As a scifi addict, the idea of a well-researched and well-defined social, economic and technological background to role-playing, fiction, etc seems very good. They explain it better than I can. Some of their ideas and premises are quite interesting. Need to read more about them. Later, not now…

Ok, that’s all really.

A quick-list of books to read this week:

Julian Barnes: A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters.

E.M. Forster: Howards End.

Theodore Dreiser: Sister Carrie.

Alasdair Gray: Lanark.

and others (as yet unspecified because I can’t decide)

Back to Work.


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