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Just a point I have to make:

(Comments option removed because this is a rant from, to and involving myself…)

I refuse to be viewed as an intruder in my own kitchen!

When I accepted to stay in this flat, it was assumed that I’d be sharing with four others. Indeed, the regulations state just that. What I did not expect was to see whole cohorts of people stamping through the corridors at night, or occupying the kitchen: people I don’t know and who stare at me and make disobliging and snide comments (some of which I don’t understand but guess the intent) while I cook.

I mean: I don’t have any problems with my flatmates bringing friends in; I too do the same: but there is a limit that ought to be respected. We ought to be able to enjoy some privacy and quiet within our own flat without having people shouting about in the middle of the night or taking up our space! I sometimes go to the kitchen to make some coffee or conjure up a meal to find people seated there who often don’t even acknowledge my no-longer-surprised ‘hi’s’.

Yesterday, one actually dared to ask me what I was doing in that kitchen!! He thought I was some intruder (just because I don’t look like the others)! There were 6 of them sitting comfortably and joyously chatting in that kitchen and I had to stay and cook a rice dish, which took me about 20 minutes or so. They all remained sullenly silent, as if I’d interrupted some meaningful conclave. One or two had enough cheek to come and stand next to me while I cooked, occasionally pointing at my food and talking to his friends. During that time, they did not say anything to me.

All the while, their eyes remained on me, making me aware that I’d ventured in a zone that I ought not have penetrated. Needless to say, this was making me literally seethe with anger, and I made them feel some of it as well. Not vocally, of course, because they were guests to the flat. And I have some old fashioned notions about guests, even if they are not mine. But I made my resentment heard loud and clear all the same, because their presence was being imposed on me and they made me feel especially uncomfortable yesterday. This was, of course, not the first time this was happening. Our kitchen has become a secret meeting place for numerous people whom I’ve never seen before and who seem to leave the kitchen in worse states than before (if that were possible). Being woken up by loud banging noises in the kitchen at 3 am or being subjected (I am the unfortunate doorkeeper, remember) to frequent bangs of the heavy fire door all day and night is not my idea of an ideal flat.

I have made up my mind to talk to the warden about this. Occasionally-dirty kitchens are ok. Secretly-smuggled girlfriends are ok as well. One or two occasional friends who stay over for the night are most welcome. But strangers who come to stay for a long time and mess up (without cleaning) spaces I share with others count as very, very, very bad in my book. People who react very rudely towards you and make you feel uncomfortable in your own house are not people I easily take to.

Have I talked with the others about my problems? Of course I have! But condescending smiles and heads inclined towards me, reflecting (or faking) mild linguistic incomprehension are not the signs I expect from them…
Rather than making myself hoarse, I will appeal to the Powers that Be: Super-Warden!!!

That, or systematic mass-murders…with the chainsaw, s’il vous plait. Some things I won’t just stand there and tolerate.


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