…The Musings of a Strange Guy


…when I was younger, I thought I could summon rain. It was just wishful thinking. Living near the capital, reputed as one of the hottest places on the island, calm, refreshing, soothing rain was all I used to wish for. And many times, I thought when I was a child that just wanting things to happen would immediately set into motion a whole process that would indeed make rain fall. Sometimes it did happen; i would be silently cursing the terrible heat from the sun and longing for rain, and several minutes later, I would look up, feeling the smell of rain gradually infusing the room and sensing that moment of quiet suspense when the world seems to hold its breath before unleashing the cleansing deluge.

So, what has prompted this sudden nostalgia for tropical rain? Just a casual look at the latest post by one of my LJ friends, datempest.

So what’s the point of this post? Could I really make rain fall? Was it one of my guardian angels up there? I was named after the mythological god of the rain, after all, the initial Rider of Clouds… That ought to endow me with a few super-powers, don’t you reckon? *wink*

No, I’ve sometimes seen the weather as a reflection of my own feelings bubbling or boiling inside. As a child, I must have transposed my feelings onto the weather, and thus really thought that I could make rain fall..

I have always liked to look up at the sky, be it clear or not. Very soothing; I do not flee from my problems, but derive courage and serenity just from observing the placid (yet so changeable) blue of the sky. Is it a wonder that one of my favourite colours is sky-blue? Just looking at the sky fills me with a very deep reverence for the whole world around me. What need have I for petty miracles when I see the glory of nature?

I like rain. I am actually one of the few people who appreciate British rain (but not the cold!). Just walking about deserted streets with raindrops falling everywhere around you, trickling down your face, making you feel so fresh and clean and pure – washed of all responsibilities and care; relieved of all tensions and apprehensions. Just me and the rain. Just me and the world.

It is raining now. I am not going out, but my window is wide open, letting in the aroma of rain…

I’ve turned off the music now. All I want to hear is the rain falling.


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