…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Vell…Ledd uz zee…

I have not set foot outside the whole day, yet it feels like I’ve travelled to various countries in a single day. My one and only plan for today was to finish a book and start preparing an assignment. This I did, but I also happened to meet a lot of my friends – old and new – via internet chat. My family texted me from back home in the morning and around midday, one of my old friends from uni back home sent me a message to give some news. While I have not been active on the net, my computer has been on for most of the day with a few interstitial breaks to cool down.

This afternoon has seen me conducting various chat sessions with 4 of my friends back home and two LJ friends. And before they say anything, I would like to say that it is a pleasure (to be constantly renewed, I’m sure) to be chatting to all of you. In no way has this detracted me from my work. On the contrary, it has given me an occasion to relax a bit.

One of my friends back home is suicidal; he is depressive and has tried to commit suicide a few times before. I have been chatting to him for several weeks now. These days he has been more than a little upset because of some emotional problem (*girl-problem*). He makes me feel quite concerned and I go out of my way to chat with him whenever I have the time. I have been trying to boost his morale a bit and as far as I can see, it seems to work.
But being the person he is, I fear that this state of calm is but the quiet that precedes a storm and my chat sessions have been directed towards the roots of his problems rather than the problems themselves. He has a few friends as well back home he does confide in but he also seems to find it easier to unburden himself to me as I’m far away and just a virtual presence. I don’t mind. For my part, I would like to help him as much as I can; to enable my friend to go to sleep with a lighter mind…

But anyway, back to trivial things… 2B pencils have a tendency of getting used too quickly! I dislike HB pencils (and other pencils of the ‘H’ dynasty) because they are so hard they often tear up whatever page I’m writing/underlining…I like 2Bs because they strike the perfect balance (according to me). Anyway, need to buy some more. Gone are the days when I used to stea borrow my sister’s art pencils (the whole range of ‘B’s) to doodle and write with..

The heating has been going on and off again today, but only later this evening; my room has had the time to reach the infernal temperatures suitable for me to evolve in; so it does not really matter if it has gone off. But I did get an unpleasant surprise when I went for a shower a few hours ago! I guess the heating’s reverted back to timer mode again, by whose grace, I won’t even venture to guess.

Yesterday, I made some fried rice with some lamb, green beans and cabbage. Today, I felt a bit lazy, so i conjured up a swift tuna curry with my hidden home-made (*thanks mom!*) curry powder and had it during the day with bread. There’s some more left for tomorrow (though why anyone should know about this is beyond me :p). I need to stock up my green veggies and salads. Am finishing everything that’s in the fridge.

Ah..yes!!! Though I usually keep clear of numbers and statistics, I performed a little mad experiment this week. I was going to post it tomorrow but … wait a second, we are tomorrow!!!

So, here are the results (the experiment will become clear with the results announced – it’s very simple, really):

Persons/// Number of Words Spoken (to me) While In Same Space:

Me/// When is my stupid mouth ever shut?

Viet Flatmate/// (cir.) 260 (he’s been depressed lately)

Chinese Flatmate1/// 15 (exceptional case – he asked me what I was cooking)

Chinese Flatmate2/// 7 (consisting mostly of a ‘hi’ each day)

Chinese Flatmate3/// 1 (only one ‘hi’ 3 days ago: and we see each other everyday in the kitchen)

Side note:
Official population: 5
Actual population (excluding the deranged cat from next door): 7 (22/02/04)

Conclusion? No conclusion to be reached really. I have no right to expect people to talk to me or even be civil. But this is not something unique to this particular week. Every week of mine is like this. Communication is not a one-sided activity and I’m tired to reaching out.

On a more ambiguous note, the association of teachers at my university is holding a strike on the coming Tuesday and Wednesday. I have classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. What’s more, I have presentations scheduled on both days. Oh, I understand their demands concerning higher pays and all that. But at the expense of my education? They are also talking of boycotting academic assessments as from the 1st of March if their demands are not met. I think what they will meet, association or not, is me with an axe.

And they are being so civilised about it all, sending numerous mass mails to students to warn them in advance of the coming strike so that they don’t need to come to uni on those two days. But we have talked to our lecturers so that finally, I’m presenting on Monday and on Thurday…

What else?
Ah yes: I seem to be mesmerised by the music and the vague vocals in Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’. I know, my musical taste sucks. You haven’t heard me sing yet :p.

That’s all for now.



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