…The Musings of a Strange Guy


… the School of English grounds, this morning.

My friend Belle and I had decided, earlier on, this week to devote Friday morning to taking pics. Accordingly, after a brief incursion to the library, we set to work, taking pictures here and there on campus. I did not use the digital one much today because I have darker, more sinister plans for it this evening, and the battery just takes ages to charge up fully. Anyway, I had brought my other camera, since I had three rolls of film gathering dust in one of my desk drawers. This explains the paucity of digipics today. Well, some came out very well, I must say! Maybe I’ll post them some other time; I’m just sending the digital ones at home via email.

Snow! While my sister has been complaining about the heat back home! 🙂

Well, tonight is supposed to be quite exciting what with Belle having, out of the blue, proposed to a few of us to come for dinner at her place. We’ll see what happens. No Tequila Black, tonight, I’m afraid… 😉



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