…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Just came back from…

…my friend’s flat.

We were eight. We had loads of fun. Came back just now. Am dead tired but not going to sleep yet. 3 am is still early enough :p

What a night! We had two separate discussions going on about religion. Very enlightening: a revelation into the depths of what some people believe in. I could not help getting involved in the discussion; being a student of English inevitably brings forward issues of politics, religion, culture, belief, society and human beings’ relation to all the above… I really thought I’d at least be free of such issues for the night but that was not to be. The thing is, I’ve heard most of the arguments being put forward before even if the present company, each of whom belonged to a different nation and culture shed new light upon those all too familiar issues.

But I enjoyed listening to the ongoing debates, even if it sometimes meant stopping to listen to my closest neighbour in order to focus on what my friend at the opposite side of the table was discussing. Indeed, though I was far from silent, I did spent quite some time listening carefully to what they had to sayt. Anyway, I had more to say on my way back by bus with some of my friends, where the discussion continued to some extent. One of my friends invited me for a drink and so, instead of heading towards my accommodation like the good boy I’m supposed to be, I accepted the offer.

An episode of the X-files, and one of Buffy, helped along by handfuls of salted peanuts and ‘naturally-brewed’ (???) imported Korean liquor saw nearly two hours go by. I finally decided to move out and walk along the frozen roads back home.. It has been freezing cold all day, and I have been out like a madman from very early on :p

Treacherous roads and footpaths awaited in the cold and silent darkness of the night, anxious to made me slip and fall. I was alone much of the way I walked back; as I carefully negotiated my way, dark ghostly silhouettes of trees often were the only apparitions, suddenly flashing in a blinking of an eye as the lights of a distant vehicle reached them and got reflected back.

I was quite alone; but I felt exhilarated. The cold wind was terrible, but also very much refreshing. However, as I neared the university grounds, I had to cross to reach the main road leading to my accommodation, I saw more and more of the young people, most of whom were going home, after a fun night at the nightclubs.

From there on, it was a relatively quick walk; now here I am, safe from the biting, cold wind, not really looking back at the events of last night, but full of contentment of having spent an enjoyable night with friends (and perhaps also feeling delightfully warm with the Korean liquor… :P).

Anyway, this is a reminder of this night. We were eight. We had loads of fun..
It was only when I reached home and uploaded the pictures onto my computer that I noticed that my friend had placed the eight aromatic candles to represent the eight of us. Thanks, Belle!


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