…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Good Day

I have not been very well this week. Perhaps, its the winter blues catching up when I least expected it. Anyway, I had a slight temperature, though I assumed it would be gone by the end of this week.

I slept with my fingers between the pages of a book, last night, and I woke up to find myself still holding the book, which was not crumpled at all, at the exact page I had reached before sleep caught up. It makes me smile, in retrospect, when I think about sleep creeping up on me and catching me unawares. There are some things you just can’t predict. They just happen.

I had to submit part of my dissertation today, so, I’d been working on it since the weekend. Even now, after having submitted it, I’m still not satisfied with it. This is the 3rd copy of the same chapter that I’ve submitted to my supervisor, simply because I can’t stand the idea of a work unfinished or imcomplete or imperfect. I guess, there will be a fourth version coming up quite soon, but I prefer to direct my attention to the next part of the work. It will also be a relief for my supervisor. :p

As long as Sister Carrie was, it was duly finished by this morning for today’s class. For some minutes in class today, I got quite irritated with the behaviour (read: body language) of my lecturer today. I’d written out whole paragraph on this, but now that I’ve read it again, I think it would be unjust (not to say stupid, as well) to describe what it was she did; perhaps it wasn’t really voluntary. Anyway, I am very receptive to body language. When your eyesight starts deteriorating, your eyes start adjusting in other ways; I usually do more than look at someone or listen to him/her. I look at their eyes, their stance, their position, their hands, the movements that accompany their words. I do not specifically stare at a person as such, I just try to get an overall view of a person by having a quick but complete look. All these – though sometimes vague to my uneducated senses – are often more vocal than words.

Had a seminar on Terminal Decades this afternoon; where the lecturer talked about millenial concerns and tendencies in the fiction of the 2000s. We tried to see if there was any specific paradigm that would enable us, students and critics of literature to establish a difference between the literature of the 1990’s (early and late) and the 2000s. Interesting, though rather quick lecture, which was completed in one hour.

Afterwards, need it be said, I went to the pub with some friends. I had considered returning home early, but what really awaited me here? Blank, bare walls? Unresponsive flatmates? This computer screen, and keyboard, upon which my irreverent fingers trample like wild elephants?
No, I was better off with these people. Arguably, we talked nonsense, most of the time, but we talked. And I need people to communicate with. I am not a very talkative person. Sometimes, I might just sit next to someone and say only a few words, but that would be enough. In their self-enclosed world, perhaps my flatmates have forgotten that human communication and interaction are also some of the primary things that make us human. Well, no cares and no worries on my part, this semester: that’s my firm non-resolution! Tomorrow, I’m just going to rest a bit, since this week’s been truly horrible for my metabolism, what with all those waking up hours and so little sleep, and heavy carrying and long walks. I am pining for good fresh vegetables. Circumstances (assignments/homeworks/presentations) have hitherto made me buy frozen veggies, but I will do some essential veggie shopping by the beginning of next week. And buy some meat/chicken as well. No more canned food (at least for the moment)! I do not lack fresh fruit, thank goodness, which is one thing I can’t do without.

Ok, all this talk about food reminds me that I need to wash up my dishes.

Starting, this night to read Marina Warner’s Indigo, a rewriting of Monsieur Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Final note to self: get everything prepared by tomorrow for Friday. Make list. Abide by list. 😛

Cheers, all!

Here’s last Friday night’s (in)famous noodles!!!

Messy, messy…but fun! 🙂


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