…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Posting madness…

I really don’t know when this fascination with the sky and its celestial denizens – the clouds – started…As long as I remember, I know I’ve always looked up in awe and admiration of Nature’s beauty as represented by clear or cloudy skies…

Perhaps it was a childish wish of mine to ascend and play among the clouds…they always seemed (to me, at least) to be imbued by some character trait (not human, but something other); sometimes light and cheerful; sometimes dark, brooding and gloomy… I had no fancy invented friends while I grew up. I had my family with lots of cousins to play with, though no one who was really of my own age; the clouds were my friends; my peers, playing about high above my head, while I smiled below, not able to participate, but yet fully engrossed at times with the play of lights and shadows, winds and breezes, hues and shades…

Maybe this is humankind’s most desired wish…to climb up there….to be really free from gravity…to reach out towards the seemingly infinite blue dome that is our sky…


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