…The Musings of a Strange Guy

This week in quick recap

Monday: Nothing, nowhere: post-Edinburgh rest and much reading to finish.

Tuesday: Meeting with Dissertation Supervisor at 11. Class in the afternoon at 3 pm. Reading, reading, reading…

Wednesday: Class in the afternoon: saw a weird clip on the lecturer’s computer: a reconstituted Mutoscope clip of a young lady doing strange things on a trapeze while getting rid of her more burdensome apparel under the ecstatic gaze of two clownish rogues. Reading.

Thursday: No class, but went out to buy some groceries. Had my hair cut in the afternoon, something both my head and my hair must have been truly thankful about. After this, went to fetch the pictures I gave to be processed, went back home, cooked dinner, ate dinner and headed towards International Student Centre. It was freeeeeeeeeeziiiiiiiiiiiiing cold, but no matter; I was well-wrapped up. Some of the friends I was expecting didn’t come up, but that didn’t bother me that much as I can talk to anyone really. There were some young people who’d come with their instruments and they played and sang. Later on, some of my friends came by; I was invited for a drink afterwards, which I accepted. We ended in a very good pub where we had lots of space to ourselves (a large group – mostly, and bizarrely so, French-speaking). We stayed there till about 2, when good sense finally dictated that we ought to be in bed. As I didn’t feel sleepy, I stayed online for about an hour, and did some reading for my module for yet another. Afterwards, I went to bed.

Friday: Pretty much at home. Reading and stuff. Me and a friend had agreed to go out on Friday night to have a nice cup of coffee. We met outside our accommodation and headed towards a nice cafe, not really far from there. There we had a nice and quiet time, just talking and chatting as we savoured our pasties and sipped our coffees. Returned home fairly early, before midnight, like a good kid. Went to sleep at 4 am because was determined to finish one of the books on my reading list.

Saturday: Woke up at 7; had a very nice breakfast; at 1 pm, I went to the supermarket with a friend, who had invited me for a sort of quickie dinner later in the evening before going to the cinema. We watched Les Invasions Barbares (The Barbarian Invasions), a film from Quebec, Canada, which was in French and subtitled in English. Very good film. I can understand why it got such nice reviews and also received prizes. I got very much involved with that film, being nearly moved to tears at several times during the viewing of this film. I can no longer view a terminally-diseased or moribund person, be it in actuality or in fiction, without thinking of my own grandfather, who died in hospital, suffering in much the same way as the protagonist does in that movie. There was one point, where, faced with the ultimate certainty of his death, the protagonist starts to panic at the idea of not having achieved anything; of not having left his mark in this sweet and sour world of ours..and at that time, my heart and mind really grasped what feeling was being conveyed here…how to lead a significant life? How to face death? Can one be accused of loving life too much? At another level, the film also appealed to me in its satire of the Canadian health services as well as the decline of the so-called intelligentsia…Are the 2000s the period that marks the beginning of the dark age; the age of the Barbarian invasions; the period that annuls and renders futile all the previous ontological and epistemological modes? Sad ending to the film; pathos intended, of course…there are evident weaknesses in that film…the scene where the priest tries to discover the material value of the accumulated dusty religious icons and relics, of which he is the custodian; and where he discovers that they are of no commercial value is one blatant example of the contrived nature of certain scenes. But very enjoyable film.

At the same time, tonight, I got very mixed reviews from some friends about Dogville, a film that I’m very determined to view. From what I hear, it is a somewhat experimental and metafictive piece, which you (according to my somewhat erratic sources) can either love or hate. I’ll try to watch it when I can. At the moment, I am (not very successfully, but then, I am patient in such cases) downloading Nosferatu and Psycho…I watched The Others during the week, and I like it very much…though I do regret the obvious similarity to The Sixth Sense.

Anyway, here I am, typing at top speed, blinking because one of my eyes is twitching…perhaps fatigue? Oh, I’m not feeling asleep yet. In a short while, I will log off LJ and resume my reading till I literally drop…

Tomorrow is going to be a calm and quiet day. 🙂


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