…The Musings of a Strange Guy

There was a time when the Gods ruled the entire universe and its inhabitants. None dared to challenge their authority because they simply were too powerful. This led to great suffering and gnashing of teeth and what not, as the Gods had ultimate power, and did not want to share it with those they considered to be inferior.

The Gods, high up in their celestial abode, jealously guarded their most prized possession – not the celestial fire, as some fallaciously purported, but their delicious snacks, that divine manna that they consumed secretly as privileged members of the most sophisticated club in town.

So aeons passed and the inhabitants of the universe suffered under the tyranny of the Unjust Gods, as they now notoriously came to be known; but still, those irascible and indefatigable rulers did not relinquish their precious hoard. From something that merely enhanced and made life more pleasurable, those snacks had gradually become the be-all and the end-all of the Gods’ very existence, forcing them to push aside morality and conscience to welcome greed, arrogance and envy.

But then arose one individual, one born from the dynasty of the Gods, but considered as a lesser being; someone whose presence was barely tolerated because he was distant kin to these glorious kings and queens of the universe. This being was universally regarded as flawed: he had both heart and conscience, which were deemed by the Gods to be utterly useless now that they had their snacks. That being – endowed with some of the divine powers of his relatives – could delve into the minds of those inhabitants of the universe and could sense their deep pain. No longer able to bear this injustice, this Promethean figure stealthily crept into the palace of the Gods, where replete with as much snacks as they could ingest, the Gods lay in dreamless stupor, for it is said that they neither sleep nor really die.

Creeping silently, avoiding the supine bodies of his kin strewn around him, the hero advances…step by step, deeply afraid for his life, yet determined to go on. His hand slowly extends towards the Holy of Holies, the sacred snacks of the Gods!

Suddenly, a huge shriek rends the air and awakes the Gods from their death-like slumber…

Someone has spotted the errant, transgressing hand!

And thus the story has to end..

Had a wonderful night out at a friend’s place tonight; got invited for a traditional Japanese dinner. It was nice, especially since I got to meet some more new people. The meal, of course, was delicious and the company, utterly delightful. Ok, I’ve had my fun. Now, I’m going to do some reading. Next week, I’m not going to be in town as I’m visiting my aunt and staying for a week. I don’t know yet on which day I will go: it will be either on Monday or Tuesday. Still have got my essay to write; I am writing down an outline for it and doing some preliminary reading.

That’s all.


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