…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Methinks I will leave this on my user info page for a while. God knows where I initially found this. While I was sifting through the thousands of pics saved on my computer, I stumbled upon it again. It was titled ‘young hermit’ but it does suit the title ‘Rider of Clouds’ just as well, doesn’t it?

Got news that my mum, one of my aunts and my grandma are coming to UK in July for my highly hypothetical graduation! Mom and Aunt will stay only for one month – my mother has to resume both work and that course she’s following at uni, while my aunt has only got one month’s leave from work. My mom’s been to India a couple of times, but it will be the first time she’s coming to UK. My aunt came once before, whereas both my sister and father came together to the UK nearly 2 years ago now.

Needless to say, this news has left my aunt (the UK one) in quite a state. She’s very happy to see her mother and sister, but the truth is that she’s not very good with people. She’s so much used to living on her own that I’m sure the very idea of 4 other people (including me) traipsing about in her house for a few months itches. She’s like that. I only found out, the last time I went to her place two weeks ago, that she thought I was showing off my culinary skills by doing everything as cleanly as possible, while the truth is that I cook the same way anywhere – be it back home, or in the flat here, or somewhere else. It did make me laugh a lot when I heard that, but it made sense when I realised how much she cherishes her private space. She thought I was silently showing her that I was better than her in her own kitchen! I still remember one of her first statements to me during those early days when I’d just come in the UK, which was that she has had no experience with children at all (me: a child!!!); she said that our parents back in Mauritius look after us for numerous years, and get accustomed to our ways and then send us to her, who has no clue what to do with grown-up young people like us at all…

Silly as that seemed, it did seem to be right… sometimes she does get self-conscious about herself, because she can’t be as intimate with me as I am with all my other aunts and uncles, so that she’s really hesitant about the stance she ought to adopt. Some aspects of our tribal relationships within the family completely escape her, and I often have to explain to her why we do this in this way because of that, and why people behave in such a way in such and such situation. It’s really comical as well as sad, since she seems to be living on a desert island of her own, both jailor and prisoner; both knight and dragon.

She is single, after all, besides being my eldest aunt. She’s grown accustomed to a certain way of seeing herself and her space; and that vision very rarely includes other people in it. Anyway, I don’t worry too much about it, though I can almost visualise the little squabbles that will erupt between sisters (my UK aunt disposes of her spaces and her time as she pleases; on her own, she sometimes lets things be; on the other hand, my Mauritian aunt is a hyperactive cleaning addict; she’s always cleaning this, or washing that, or moving this… all I can say is, book your tickets in advance, and don’t forget the popcorn!).

Apparently, my grandma is returning with me. This is news indeed, since I hadn’t even decided on an exact date of departure. I had initially planned on staying here till the near expiration of my visa. But that is not to be, methinks! This confusion has resulted in various text messages/emails/calls (all from me – my phone credit is at its lowest) and we’re still not yet decided. I have settled for the end of September (I’ve got till the 31st of October on my Visa) as a definitive period. I will confirm on learning about my grandma’s details. My grandma is yet another rare specimen, as we are all in our family. She will pretend to be frail and unwell, but mention a relative’s name and she’s already on her way to visit that person. God help the British if she ever sets foot on the street…

Sweet ole grandma. She’s, of course, unbeknownst to us, already planned her stay here. I’m sure she’s already researched – through the old grandmas and aunties grapevine – about all the relatives she has in the UK and made the resolution to visit at least a great number of them. I know in my bones that she will. And guess who’s coming along on those trips? :p She always claims to be old and tired and sick, but she’s one of the busiest persons I know, and always moving from one point to another.. She was in India in December, along with my cousin. Now she’s coming here, hehe…

They’ll bring back a bit of home with them, that’s for sure!


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