…The Musings of a Strange Guy


I would like to apologise to all those who’ve added me onto their AIM friend list or whom I’ve added. I’ve only realised recently during an online convo that I often appear to be online on AIM but don’t say anything. Actually, I rarely use AIM (but do use it when I have to chat with those who don’t have other messengers) but it automatically gets logged on when I use outlook express. Since I don’t use OE(except to send pics of me back home) that often, I’ve not tried to find a way of disabling the automatic logging of AIM.
So, sorry to those who might think that I’m being rude or ignoring you intentionally… Just give me a virtual holler whenever you see me, and if i’m not too busy, I’ll definitely have a chat with you 🙂

I’m having breakfast at this very moment instead of lunch…toast never tasted this good before…it must be hunger..

On another note, I’ll be using this coming week to work on the second version of one of my first essays. I hope to be able to receive the first copy from the tutor this week so that I may see where I’ve erred and where I can improve. Then I’ll probably try to finish that second version for submission the week after.
I have already decided to be antisocial for the next few weeks, as the deadline for essays and dissertation bound steadily forward. So no pubbing or other nonsense. I’ll also try to restrict online browsing to a few usual sites that I visit almost daily. This will prove difficult but I can always pull out the connection cable if I can’t resist. I am that cruel. The good thing about the rest of this semester is that I’ve got no hefty volumes to peruse and the 4 books that remain to be dealt with in the following weeks have nearly all been read. I will need to re-read T.S. Eliot’s mind-numbing Wasteland again and of course, I still haven’t received my copy of Beckett’s Happy Days. But they are quite short and will be dealt with very quickly, I suppose.

A question: Has anyone read Iain (M.) Banks’ works? I’d like to know what you think about this author. This question, has, of course, nothing to do with the fact that I’m working on one of his texts. :p


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