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As some of you have noticed, I have not written for a while on this LJ, at least, I’ve not posted any public ones. Times have been very hectic and busy these days as no doubt some of you have heard from me on chat. The dissertation deadline is in 3 weeks now and I’m working on it as hard as I can. This week marked the end of my classes…so while my course is not officially over, the teaching/lecture part of it is well over and done with… I ought to feel happy but I’m not, strangely…

Well, not strangely, because I have tried to make sense of the feelings that my stay in this country has provoked. My best subject and/or object of study is myself…and it is true that so many things have happened to me in this short period. It seems only like a few days ago when I initially set foot in this country… and the time is nearing when I’ll have to pack up and go back.. to face whatever future I and the circumstances will write in collaboration.. I just hope I get mentioned on the front cover.. Musing time, as you can see, has arrived, especially since I am supposed to be leaving my accommodations in a month or so, which, in many ways, is a great relief. But this also means no internet at all times…unless I plan to live under a computer desk in an internet cybercafe :p.


On the final day of classes, the people in my class went to the pub for a drink. The euphemism ‘a drink’ should be noted here because it really is one when a British person says that 🙂 Before that, our lecturer treated us to some wine and chocolate (very good combination) in class; then, she came along with us to the pub. She really seemed like one of us really, laughing and chatting merrily. This has been only her first year of teaching after all. The mantle of lecturerdom (or whatever) hasn’t quite fallen snugly on her shoulders yet.

So, we all went to the pub on Wednesday and had a few drinks..after a while I had to excuse myself because I had an essay to submit the next day. the others did not really look as if they were in a hurry to move out. The next day, I was informed that one or two of my classmates had stayed with the lecturer till the pub closed at 11pm! And these people had essays too to submit! Strange people…


Today I met some other people of my country. Some of them did not even know about the International Centre and they’ve been here for 3 to 4 years! *sigh* If I and my friend hadn’t complained a bit about not seeing other Mauritian faces, then who knows if we’d ever had met? Anyway, it was a good meeting, and we did get on well, although I realised on reaching home that I’d given them an incorrect phone number. This makes me realise that I must have given the same incorrect number to many others… oh well, let’s hope this will not cause any international incident :p


Well, we met and chatted and talked about our experiences..I happen to the one of the latest to come to uni here and the earliest to depart, since the others still have 1 to 3 years left to complete. One or two of them plan on staying here to work and live here..I wish them the very best of luck. We have also agreed to meet again when most of our exams/assignments/etc are over… never too late, I say, although I wish this had happened sooner.


A familiar language; a familiar accent; a well-known mannerism: all that means a lot when you’re (warning: cliche!) a stranger in a strange land. Oh I haven’t been here long enough (less than a year now) to really claim to be <i>that</i>, but it’s all in the mind, isn’t it? I really do not miss my family and friends that much; nor do I really miss my country, but there are things that can make you feel <i>better</i> such as seeing and talking to other people from your country. I’m perfectly at ease with international people. Most of my friends here belong to various countries.. we do not believe in the ghettoisation (or whatever you might call it) of the international student community according to nationality. It’s really sad (but oh so comprehensible) when you see students from one country keep each other’s company all the time, with very minimal interaction with other international or British students.


Well, I shall soon no longer have to think about such things..


Before the end of next month, most of my belongings (the word makes me smile) ought to have been removed.. I am particularly concerned about a CD player I’ve got which I bought in my initial days while settling in. I’d thought that it would relieve the monotony a bit, especially since I did not have a computer then. But I got my computer soon after and poor CD player was rendered redundant and relegated to the margins of my private space. Methinks it was used only once. Perhaps I need to advertise it on the Student Union message board, if they allow such things.. or perhaps my aunt might like to have it, though I very much doubt that. hmm..


Another concern are my books. I would loath to be separated from them. Amazon must be very proud of such a faithful customer as yours truly, which means that there really are a lot of books to be disposed of…I really want to take most of them back home.. Among them are my near-complete Iain M. Banks collection and my tentative attempts (after much hesitation) to construct a Terry Pratchett collection. The hesitation was because I did not want to drain my finances by purchasing books not directly relevant to my studies.. but being an avid reader of his books, as well as an avid reader of many other things, I now find myself with more books than I can possibly carry. I recently took leaflets from two different freight companies in the Site Office. I need to contact them to see if I can get my (precioussssssssssssssss) books safely home.


Anyway, this was a long-needed update…as Granny Weatherwax would say, <i>”I Aten’t Dead!”</i>


I suppose I’d better get used to writing very little these coming days, what with my moving away and not having internet access and all.. Surprisingly, these days, my mind is literally flooded with ideas, thoughts, impressions, feelings that seek expression. I just have time to jot them down hurriedly, in case they fade into oblivion, as many of my thoughts often do 😦


As per the promise made to myself some weeks before, my net surfing has been significantly reduced. I still drop by and read (and comment, when I really feel like it) on some of the regular sites from time to time.


That’s all really.


For the time being.


I’m not sure if I posted this before…sorry for the bad quality…

Candle in the wind...


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