…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Today… strong language ahead…

One of my earliest picture posts was about an old church not far from the uni..It is actually being restored or reconstructed, perhaps to be converted to another university premise… It’s a building that I really like since it really looks old.. anyway, this is on one of its walls and made me laugh.. I wonder what my mom and sis (who are vegetarians) would say…

(Note: the pic isn’t blurred: it’s the way they wrote it :p)

Anyway: a quick update…yesterday, I went to the seaside town of Whitby, known for being the setting of part of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, and otherwise reputed for its abbey and its fish and chips… I had a wonderful time there, especially since the weather was perfect! I did not take many pictures… I was there mostly to relax and have a good time… but I’ll post some the next time I manage to log online.. We returned to Leeds at around 7 pm but I did not really have time to rest as there was a student party at one of the clubs in town. I really had to go since some of my friends would be there and they would be returning to their countries soon after that… In a (blazing and noisy) way, it was one of the final great student events I would be attending… after that, Leeds would seem a bit deserted…since most of my friends are leaving…

The party ended at 2 am, after which, I walked to the computer labs and stayed till about 3.30 am. I returned to my accommodation to find several people sitting and joking on the lawn. I really felt as if this was going to be one of the final moments that we’d get to know as students living there…

That’s all for now… I need to run off now…

A final pic before I rush off: this is what I saw on coming out of the computer cluster at 3 am… I did not use any flash nor did I modify it in any way… This twillight mix of light and darkness is what I had to walk through…  I experienced that quite strongly during these last two weeks on returning from the computer labs… you feel like you’re the only person alive on earth…


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