…The Musings of a Strange Guy


Today was a quite eventful day…as the previous ones, hehe. On Thursday, I had to clean and prepare all my stuff as my aunt was coming to pick them up on Friday morning. In the evening, I went to the international centre, as usual and met my friends. After that, I was abducted by aliens who left me in a strange place called Bar Risa where graceful entities were performing something they called salsa. To my great horror, one of my friends dragged me to the dance floor and despite my attempts to free myself, I ended learning (after a very long and patient tutorial from the said friend) a few steps. But it was a very interesting experience… and I’ve been warned that I may be abducted next week as well… those aliens!!!

My room seems a bit empty now, even if all my books are still here. I’m waiting for quotations from two freight services at the moment and I hope to despatch them soon. But the bulky stuff that was in my room has been taken away by my aunt now. She had thought that there’d be much more… unfortunately, she also took the tv. Admittedly, I used it more as a footstool rather than something to watch television programmes on. The bars on my windows have been machiavellically designed to prevent us from using tvs in our flat rooms. But I did manage – these last few days – to receive something from one or two of the channels…but my aunt couldn’t possibly make a second trip…so it was goodbye to that old, useless tv!

During the last week, I’ve made new friends (better late than never): some Italian guys and girls studying at uni. I already knew some of them as I’d talked to them once but really got on well with the group during the Whitby trip.

As most of my friends are now on their way home or visiting some other part of the UK, I went out on some of the outings they organised. Earlier this week, we went to visit the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey, dating back – if I remember correctly – from the 13th century. Today we went to visit the Royal Armouries Museum of Leeds, a wonderful place showcasing the history and evolution of weaponry and warfare. Humans have too much idle time, I’ve always thought…

Anyway, after that, one of our friends, who lives barely 5 minutes away from the museum invited us for dinner. So we stayed on, and helped her cook some pasta and other stuff. I enjoyed myself very much, especially since I and my Afghan friend were trying to learn Italian words and expressions. My Afghan friend was hilarious since he was trying to capture the Italian accent and tone of voice – in fact, he tried so hard to imitate them that the accent stayed with him throughout the night, even when he wasn’t joking.
We joyously walked all the way back to the city centre, which took us around 30 to 40 minutes and most of us walked towards the university since we lived nearby. It really felt nice when the group all wished me a happy birthday soon after midnight… After some time, we all went our separate ways – only one of us stayed in the same accommodation as I did. However, as it often happens when I’ve come back home from a long and exhausting day out, I couldn’t sleep..I made some tea and read a bit. I sent a few text messages back home and finally went to sleep at 4am. That was my Friday (and a bit of Saturday as well)…


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