…The Musings of a Strange Guy

My mom, aunt and grandmother are coming tomorrow night from Mauritius – I’m very excited now 🙂

As for me, it’s now been a whole week since I’ve moved or rather, been moved, to Manchester. I find myself oddly missing the streets of Leeds, the way it seems quietly busy, without imposing its urbanity upon your senses.

I also miss my broadband connection, needless to say, hehe.. My aunt doesn’t have any internet connection, so that I will not be using my computer for quite a while now. As for my online life, which literally exploded into being during the past 9 months, let’s just say that we are now approaching a period of hibernation.

Most of all, I miss my independence.. Having spent all this time on my own, living as I wanted, with a schedule of my own, I still find it hard to live with someone else around me. Even though my aunt is not often here, I find myself trying (perhaps too much) not to impose myself on her. I do not like the idea of imposing myself on someone else’s hospitality and kindness. One strange result is that my aunt sometimes thinks that I’m indecisive and weak-willed if I don’t voice out my opinions (especially when they diverge from hers) but she also resents it very much when I actually do so. Go figure… I know that some of my sibling/cousins would have exploited the same hospitality that my aunt would have offered, but I can’t bring myself to make demands on her, knowing that she has a life of her own and – as she has admitted herself – knows nothing about how to deal with children and young people. But she is learning, and I am learning too, and I dare say that this would pave the way for my other cousins or sister, should they want to go abroad to study.

But anyway, today, I took the train to Manchester and then a return ticket to Leeds. I’m in one of the clusters now, which still is fortunately open. In a few minutes, I’ll be heading to the train station and return to Manchester where I will walk in the crowds and get a feel of the city. Manchester has a different character and feel to it than Leeds, and I’m looking forward to walking around and discovering things. I want to discover as much as possible before I return home in a few months… time passes by so quickly. In less than two weeks – on July the 12th to be precise – I’ll be graduating..

Well, that’s all for now…. apologies to all the friends who read and post on LJ – I’m not being able to look at all your entries or answer to them…at the moment. But my best wishes are with all of you.



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