…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Rainy WeekEnd

Grrr… I don’t know what’s happening to the weather. It’s been so hot during the last few weeks that we were actually considering buying an AC. Even the walls felt like oven doors. This week-end, however, just about the only time I get every week when I can relax and go out and forget about work, what happens? It pours! There’s even been several cases of flooding in some regions. Now let’s see the Water Authority cut off my water supply any of these days!

I had planned to go climb up a mountain (not an exceptionally big or steep one) with a friend on Sunday. Now I will have to stay indoors, it would seem, and correct essays…

I think I’ll go out anyway, rain or not, because I can’t stand being cooped up in one space for a long time… Well here’s a pic I took a few weeks back, when I and my friends went to the seaside. The pic quality is not that good since it was taken at maximum zoom. But it does relieve the sense of gloom and wetness that has pervaded the house since yesterday….


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