…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Sunday news

The saying goes that man thrives in adversity and I do see some truth in that. These days have been among some of the most hectic since I returned last year (talk of a transition!) and yet, I feel some odd sense of elation, as if it’s now that I am truly living. Some of the aspects of this new life are easily discernible and thus can be pointed out to be analysed but others defy even being named. What makes a life worth living? Strange question that..

I opened a box of Romany Creams some time ago – thus armed do I boldly enter the virtual world! A third of the biscuits is unfortunately missing…whose errant hand did the deed? Er…mine!

During the week, I received a call from a parent: how come is my number being so freely given to parents? I need to have a little chat about that with the secretary in the morning at school. Oh well, the parent was concerned that her daughter might not do that well for the coming IGCSE exams. This is hardly surprising since that student keeps on giggling the whole day in class or fighting with some of the students. Anyway, i managed to reassure her and I returned to my beloved biscuits! At this precise moment, I am downloading a few speciment IG papers for English Language. After that, I have a few coursework essays to correct.

Today’s highest moment, excluding the biscuits, was undoubtedly the beginning of our annual 40-day fast. It’s a bit special this year because last year I wasn’t here with the family during that period. Basically, we’re supposed to be attending prayers and religious functions as well as adhering to a vegetarian diet. I must say that it’s easier for my mom and sister since they’re already vegetarians. in the morning, after the shower, I did what I usually do around three times during the year: changing the mango leaves that adorn the doors of the house.

I took off the crisp, yellowing leaves and replaced them with the freshly-washed green mango leaves. I must say that even the house looks refreshed after this. Not long after that, the family went to the temple for the day marking the beginning of the fast. There I was greeted by an angel who kindly indicated to me the road to salvation:

Tomorrow yet another week begins. I am very lucky with the people I find myself surrounded with in my department. In the last eight months, we have grown very close, and are often to be found chatting at all times when not in class. It doesn’t seem to matter so much that am the only other guy in the department, besides my head of department, or that I am actually the youngest of the lot. Ah well…more on staff-room news some other day!
Cheers for now..


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