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My day

Amazingly, today’s Theory of Knowledge class went off quite well; I’d got them to discuss some of the questions on the specific topic we were studying at the moment and sat down to discuss individual TOK essays with some of the students. They always act as if they’re so impressed when I discuss these questions with them. They seem to think that I spend my time writing philosophical essays and while I do have my notions as to how such essays should be written, I’m no great expert myself. I never undertook any formal philosophical course; I ended up teaching that subject because I happened to have mentioned philosophy as one of my interests during my interview. But when I do look around at the other teachers for that subject, maybe I might lack experience, but I’m not that badly suited for the task. I favour discussion myself as a mode of instruction in that particular class. Merely cramming words into their heads would not serve any purpose. But when will these students realise that there is no magical way they will pass without actually addressing the issues we discuss? They don’t realise or maybe cannot be bothered finding out that the effective way to get into Theory of Knowledge is to apply to knowledge issues in their own lives as adolescents and students. As I mentioned to a fellow colleague, I end up getting to learn new things everyday while the students can’t be bothered. Ah well..

Anyway, today I worked most of the day; I just had one free period which I spent correcting work. I also managed to phone my internet service provider to cancel my account. The lady on the phone didn’t sound too surprised; after all the problems I’ve had with their company, I’ll be glad never to hear from them again. I just hope the technician comes to remove the modem quick enough. I can’t wait to try the other ADSL company but as you know, once bitten… But I do need my internet for my online roamings. Addicted, me? I don’t think I need to say anything about that!

Head’s been aching throughout the weekend. I’ve been taking some panadols early during the day, but never liked the idea of painkillers. Now though, the idea of a couple of panadol pills sounds very attractive. Dunno why my head feels like it’s about to explode. Maybe it’s part of that damn cold which is starting to affect me. Thanks, gods, that’s all I needed!

By the way, I’ve reached about the middle of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. A week and a half back, I figured it was about time I found out about Harry, so I bought them one by one. I’ll wait a bit for the latest installment because the price is still quite high. I’ll post my comments on the series as a whole later. It is a nice read, but not that intellectually challenging. But it has its advantages. Half of my Form Two students wrote book reviews on the Harry Potter series. When I asked them to provide me an extract of a novel, which novel do you think they actually chose? Besides the references I can make on the book and its characters is one more bridge connecting me to them. Good…wish I could discuss Pratchett with people. I found that I share the same interest/addiction for British humour/comedy serials with some of my colleagues – like Keeping Up Appearances, Allo, Allo, Father Ted, BlackAdder, Fawlty Towers, etc etc

I’ll go to bed early today. I’ll correct a few papers and iron tomorrow’s clothes and then try to read some Harry Potter. I am still expecting some books from Amazon.co.uk from the post but they don’t seem to have reached the country yet.

Anyway, ciao.


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