…The Musings of a Strange Guy

I always get so frustrated after having read books from a series; it happened after I read the first ten books of The Wheel of Time series and it’s happening now after five Harry Potters in a row. Dunno what to read now; which books to turn to. I received Coelho’s The Zahir as an unexpected gift from a friend – but I won’t touch it until I read The Alchemist first. I guess that I’ll continue with Pamela Petro’s Travels in an Old Tongue, an interesting journey of a Welsh-learner – a book which I have already started. These days, I’m trying to gather references and books concerning language and culture for my A2 English class so I guess the next book on the list would be David Crystal’s Stories of English.

Today was not exceptional. The first half of the day was spent in the temple – New Year prayers and horoscope-reading oblige. We were a bit delayed because we had to wait for a translator; the number of people who could understand our Indian acharya were very few. I could make out some of his sentences but the bulk of what he initially said went very much over our heads. He luckily switched to Hindi, which I could understand. So far, the calendar seems to predict quite gloomy stuff for most people; but my usual attitude is to ignore bad and gloomy predictions and focus on the favourable ones. Life being what it is, I do not find being told that half of my year is going to be horrible that rejoicing to listen to. The rest of the day was spent watching a DVD (Indiana Jones Trilogy), correcting some literature homework and helping my mom a bit with her briani-cooking. I also went to play with my little cousin and for once he stayed with me for quite a bit, instead of acting as if he’s much, much older than his four years.. We had a nice time, with me trying to teach him to distinguish various colours and naming them.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Got some marking to complete and a book to finish. Maybe Raiders of the Lost Ark later on since I have to return the DVD to my colleague. Ciao for now.


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