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Last Week's Ramabhajana

Well here are some pics I took before and during the Ramabhajana my grandmother organised at our place last Saturday (08/04/06). Considering the amount of things I had to do, it’s actually surprising I managed to take any pictures at all. But I kept my camera somewhere and took some pics when I had a few seconds to breathe. The prayer started on Saturday at 6pm and ended on Sunday at 6am. And yep, no sleep.

Getting the tent and the chairs ready:

My sister and cousin creating their own versions of the decorative muggu, with coloured rice:

The end product (the large lamps were to be set upon that sheet):

Cooking it the old way, outdoors, with firewood (and it tastes much better too!):

The prayer starts:

My two cousins and auntie, preparing to dance a few steps to the music of the bhajans:

One of my little cousins, cheeky as usual:

My mom, lighting some stuff:

The focus of our attention, all night!:


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