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A day out [with pics] – 1

Okie… today we planned to go visit three temples and we set out at around 10 am and returned home at about 5 pm. Needless to say that we are all pretty much exhausted. But this outing – if I may call it that – was very uplifting.

The first place we visited was Grand Bassin, which has become, over the years, a national pilgrimage site, visited by hundreds of thousands of Hindus each year. Weather forecast had been quite gloomy but the actual weather itself turned out to be just cloudy and cool – a blessing in this summer season. Anyway, here are a set of pics I took today, to remember…

Over the years, the road to the Grand Bassin natural lake has become more and more accessible. And why not? Thousands go on pilgrimage to that site and it is also a notable tourist attraction: a great surprise for those tourists who thought that Mauritius is just sun, sand and sea. If you go to Grand Bassin at night, the road usually is engulfed in mist but since last year, pilgrims’ spirits are uplifted by the sight of the Lord’s silhouette blessing their arrival at the lake. I’m referring to the 108-foot high statue of Lord Shiva, which is still under construction.

We chose a weekday to go, because we were all free today and besides, we would avoid the rush that usually takes place during the weekends at this place. Though it is situated in the midst of woods and wild vegetation, Grand Bassin never stops appealing to people, who don’t hesitate to travel long distances just to pray there or visit the place with their family and friends. Today, there were quite a lot of people but these were mostly tourists on tour.

Grand Bassin is filled with fish of all sorts and of course, people are not supposed to come and fish there. There were rumours, several years back, that there was a sort of large aquatic creature living in the depths of the lake. Our local Nessie, in our words! So far, I’ve only caught glimpse of an unusually large eel, but that’s it :p
I’m sure there must be people who come to the lake just to look for this mythical aquatic beast!

More to come


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