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A Day Out [with pics] – 3

To continue…. let’s look at some of our Lords and Ladies I encountered at Grand Bassin:

Lord Shiva:

The Lady of the Place: Goddess Ganga: – Personal anecdote: a few years back, when this statue was recently erected, I went there with my family and slipped in front of so many people on that watery strip in front of the idol. Most embarassing moment? The blocks on that strip had become covered with oil and I had naturally lost balance and fallen down. I distinctly remember tourists filming the scene. Ah well, let’s consider it as a blessing: I was brought down to my knees in front of the goddess.

The Nag-devtas: denizens and protectors of the sacred waters – each one of them with an individual story or legend:

Finally, we climbed up the hill – to pray at Lord Hanuman’s temple…and in spite of the steps we had to climb to go up, the view that greeted out eyes on top of the hill was definitely worth it!

Part of the temple complex:

Woods and wilderness… lovely green!

Grand Bassin was one a volcano that became extinct. Over millenia, the crater filled up with water and has become a natural lake. But it has also become a national and spiritual landmark as well, connecting the heart and soul of mankind to nature:

I didn’t have that much opportunity taking pictures at the next two places I visited, which were the La Laura Temple and the Amma Tookay Temple.

The La Laura complex is home to the Raja Rajeshwari deity and Lord Venkateshwara and it also has several other shrines such as that of Narasimha, Ganga, Lakshmi, Nandi and a great Shivling. To reach there, you have to walk amidst abandoned sugarcane plantations:

The shrines themselves are in the midst of wilderness, surrounded by thick and very tall bamboo trees and girdled by a stream. Here’s a picture of me, letting my poor, exhausted feet rest in the cool waters of a stream next to the shrines at La Laura:

And Amma Tookay Temple, recently renovated:

Amma Tookay herself, one of the aspects of the Devi:

We finally ended the trip with a lunch just outside the Tookay Temple itself.

That’s it. 🙂


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