…The Musings of a Strange Guy

Holidays, yay!

Yeah, so I guess I’m on holidays… It feels strange I guess, since technically, the school went on holidays a week and a half back but some of the teachers in my department and some of our students know very well what we’ve been up to. Last week didn’t even feel like holidays. I guess I’d been holding back all that stress and fatigue until everything that was supposed to be done had indeed been done. I was sick for a few days and even this weekend hasn’t been that great. Great and joyful tidings indeed. The highlight of last week was of course, the quick assimilation, within a few days, of the entire first season of Lost , so graciously lent to me by a colleague while I was down with exhaustion and a cold. Not bad. The concidence was that just as I had finished watching the whole first season, an advert on our local tv channel announces that this series will be broadcast soon, though in French! It’s my sister’s who’s going to be very happy: she’s barely seen 3 episodes and she’s hooked.
Speaking of the sister reminds me of what we did today. She had to attend a talk on some foreign universities. After that, I joined her in Port Louis since we had planned to go to the cinema. And the film? X-men Finale! Hmm some bits sort of remind me of the comics I used to read.
Anyway, I just accepted a new workload and responsibilities…more details to follow. Let’s see how far I can take it. I live such a sad life.
But I jest.


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