…The Musings of a Strange Guy

I had never really thought of having a kitchen built but as time passed by, it became evident that while I might be living in the same house as my parents, I needed a space of my own. Why a kitchen, then? Well, I have always been particular about the things I eat, and I have always been involved in preparing my own meals. My parents have so much geared their kitchen to their own use that sometimes I find myself being an unwelcome presence, especially if I need to prepare something totally different from what they are proposing. Well, that’s not really THE reason, I suppose. I always liked the idea of a kitchen of my own, and to me, my part of the house would seem incomplete without that particular space!
Well, things are going slowly, mainly my fault, to be sure. I have already drawn a plan. I am seeing someone soon about the building and stuff, and I have already got an oven. When to start, in earnest? Soon!
At work, I was very surprised to learn that one of my colleagues was leaving. She’d been offered a job at an international school in India and she seems happy about that. I hope she finds what she’s looking for but since I teach the same subject as her to two different year groups, I wonder whether my head of dept will merge both classes for these two year groups. I have been having serious thoughts about my future in that institution, but that’s another story, for another time, little children.


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