…The Musings of a Strange Guy

ENG 1002Y (I)

Department: English Studies

Title of Programme: BA English i

Module Code and Title of Module: eng 1002y(1) – ASPECTS OF THE HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE I: 1200-1800

Module Level: 1

Credit Rating: 6

Core or Elective: Core

Pre-requisites/co-requisites: None

Duration: Semester 1 and Semester 2

Aims: The aim of these 2 modules is to expose the learner to an overview of literature of the period 1200-1800. The module will seek to understand the correlation between the different literary traditions to have developed during the period. It thus aims to provide historical and cultural contexts for the development and reception of the works under study, allowing students to develop close reading skills and broader analytical skills necessary to literary studies.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the module students will be expected to:

display an awareness of the broader cultural and theoretical issues raised by the module
recognise and analyse the distinctive features of the selected texts
make thematic and stylistic comparisons between some of the texts
Demonstrate an ability to write competently about the texts with reference to their cultural and historical background
engage critically with ideas presented in seminars and secondary materials
construct and express coherent critical arguments in writing.

The course will explore a range of genres and writing styles, which will be situated in their literary, historical and cultural contexts. These texts will be seen as emerging from and responding to both literary and non-literary impulses. The first module will address authors ranging from the medieval period till the Elizabethan period and will consider some of the social, historical and literary elements that have shaped their particular style of writing. Students will thus be expected to become familiar with the period under study and the various influences on the literature of the time.
A more detailed module outline will be made available at the beginning of the semester.

Teaching and Learning Methods: Teaching and learning will be carried out through lectures and seminars during which students will be expected to do oral presentations on set topics/texts. Students are required to read the set texts before each class. They are expected to be regular and well-prepared for their classes and also expected to contribute in discussions.


(i) Semester Assessment: A position paper (group work) every two weeks on set text(s); one take-home assignment due in Week 8; a class test in Week 13. (Total: 30%)
(ii) Yearly Assessment: Formal Examinations at the end of Semester Two (Total: 70%)

Indicative Basic Reading List

(Semester One):

The Medieval World
Anonymous: Everyman
Anonymous: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Geoffrey Chaucer: The Wife of Bath (complementary reading: The Clerk’s Tale)

Elizabethan Period
Shakespeare: Macbeth (complementary reading: The Tempest)
Christopher Marlowe: Dr Faustus

(Semester Two):

John Milton: Paradise Lost
Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lock
William Wordsworth: Lyrical Ballads and other selected poems
William Blake: Selected Poems and writings

(Additional materials will include extracts and handouts to consolidate the theme(s) introduced or to broaden students’ grasp of a particular literary movement or add to their knowledge of a particular writer’s style)


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