…The Musings of a Strange Guy

EVERYMAN: Points to Consider

1) The definition of a morality/mystery play; its characteristics and purpose(s).

2) The nature and use of allegory in Everyman: How many different categories of allegory do you find? (personal characteristics of Everyman; other people/things in his worldly life; supernatural forces, etc.) What is the interplay of these various sorts of allegorical figures?

3) The concept of sin and redemption.

4) The idea of the reckoning as motif. The fact that the human soul is answerable to God.

5) The concept of Everyman’s journey itself. (journey = life; but also journee = day). How relevant is it that this journey is mentioned as a “pilgrimage”?

6) The moral teaching of Everyman. A commentary by the author on his society?


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