…The Musings of a Strange Guy

It’s been a very busy week, that’s for sure. First of all, all my best wishes go to Wendy and Vikram on the occasion of their wedding. It gives me great pleasure to see one of our friends getting settled like this. I suppose part of me finds it so strange, because somewhere in those brain cells lurks this mental equivalent of a sepia photograph, where you remember this or that friend, still very young, getting into all sorts of mischief and trouble. Ah well, time flies and waits for no one. Quoteth my mum, by the way, hehe.
I ended up going to Port Louis today after having tidied up a bit. I met one of my ex-students in a bookshop and started chatting. He, like many others, have changed, now that they have left school. The world of adults, which I constantly used to remind them of, is finally in front of them. Good luck to them! Had something to eat after that, then I went off to get two bookshelves, but they were not available at the shop I went. I also went and bought a kurta, because I really needed a new one. I spent like 30 minutes just going through the colours and asking the salespersons there for advice. The funny thing was that they rather enjoyed talking these clothes from the shelves and also liked recommending stuff to potential customers. I left the shop with my kurta and a pair of sandals.
Then I took the bus to go to Rose-Hill. There, I went off to order my contact lenses. I also went to look for some nice shirts, although I was a bit disappointed by the lack of variety and the cut-throat prices. There, I also saw another furniture store and found out that the bookshelves I was looking for were in stock, so I wasted no time and ordered two of them. A slight complication would be that I would have to set it up myself, from a box. That should be easy, as I’d mounted up a shoe rack thingy by using the sparse info in the instruction sheet.
After this, my legs were starting to feel a bit wobbly. I returned home, sunburnt and hot, yearning for some cool water. It is really tiring to walk along the streets of the capital! You end up dehydrated and 3 shades darker than what you were!


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