…The Musings of a Strange Guy


As much ephemeral joy it gave me initially to see the name of university tagged in front of my institution (which after 35 years is still trying to achieve University status) – it nonetheless is high time to vent out my frustration. Too much is too much. The noise, the smells, the pollution, the “action-cut-action” throughout the day have made me lose pleasure in working in Reduit!

I can’t wait till these people leave. I don’t think they are doing the university any service. Au contraire, I would like to know about the intellectual drain that has been happening in the last few weeks since the shooting started. People can’t work anymore, can’t walk anymore, can’t eat as they usually did…

Who’s gonna watch this film? These are the films which you usually wouldn’t really want to watch. Would having your university haunts exposed on the big screen and seeing familiar faces blurrily in the background be incentive enough? Or will it be, as its name suggests, completely faltu?


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