…The Musings of a Strange Guy

The Light Fantastic…

Today is the festival of lights… and one can’t stop oneself (one being thus inclined ;p) from feeling philosophical. Maybe today’s thought would be more introspective. It is undeniable that we all have our own notions of what is “right”, and what is “true” – even though we more or less allow some social consensus to guide our behaviour within society. But I find it increasingly difficult to cope with people who seem bent outright in negatively affecting people’s lives, who bring in negativity, who contest and challenge, only for the sake of doing so, who upset others just because they can.

Our old and wise ancestors celebrated light over darkness… but it wasn’t exactly the physical darkness as such which terrified them – it was the darkness from within, the darkness that consumes one’s soul and leads you to ravenously seek out others upon whom to wreak revenge. People afflicted by such a curse – for I consider it as such – will never rest until they satisfy that darkness that gnaws them deep inside, that anger which is expressed at anything and everything. Upon a day such as this, I find myself reflecting much on what is light and what is dark — and wonder why we need to seek the light. It’s all the time within us. Yet so many amongst us consciously smother that light. I hope everyone finds the light they desperately need. It might not come in exactly the same way, but we all will reach there eventually.

My most sincere Divali wishes to everyone. Spread the light!



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